About Ferrari Hire

At Ferrari Hire you’ll find a group of people that are car enthusiasts first, and businessmen later. We provide a premier exotic car rental service committed to creating a memorable experience for you. We are a “customer first” company dedicated to making your dream come true.

Our long experience in the car industry made us come across several car lovers all of whom shared an aspiration in their bucket list – to one day take a Ferrari for a spin. They pined that it was just a pipe dream which will never come true unless they were a formula one level driver or had a rich relative. This desire of countless driving enthusiasts inspired us tremendously to found Ferrari Hire. The wide smiles that we help spread across the faces of many men, women and children when they lay their eyes on, and touch a gorgeous Ferrari – is what keeps us going every single day.

Exotic and Luxury Car Hire Service, Providing Exceptional Customer Service and Memories to Cherish For Life. In Addition, We have succesfully put smiles on our clients face during their School Formals, Weddings, Photoshoots, Airport Transfers and more.

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